• Chuck Tingle's Next Horror Novel

    I loved Chuck Tingle's Camp Damascus and I was so excited for his next horror novel. It releases in July but I got an Advanced Reader Copy!

  • 3D printable stackable paper trays

    This project has been a year in the making. When I discovered these pastel filaments I realized there was no need to add any decorative flourishes to it (for awhile I tried to make the tabs look like clouds; didn't work out). Just some pretty color filaments and voila!

  • New Hobby Unlocked: Needle Felting!

    Needle felted a little kawaii cloud guy. Can't wait to get to making a little mini-cupcake. Also grapes!

  • Makerfest & Barbie "Make" Earrings

    My library's Makerfest was March 9 and it was a BLAST! I designed those earrings - barbie-themed "Make" tiles.

  • fandom x nature series

    I made a tumblr under this pseud just to post this piece, lol (and go figure it still has zero notes). I want to make something with this design to wear to C2E2 next month 😃

  • Spotlight on Artist Alex Pardee

    I love this artist and his Brightmares! Happy hugging monsters, "The Backpack" is my favorite piece of his. Fingers crossed he'll post a giant print to purchase one day.

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