• University of Chicago's Glaze & NightShade Projects

    Glaze prevents scraping art for machine learning projects, nightshade strives to actively poison AI scrape datasets.

  • David Jenkins is Shopping OFMD Around!

    Everybody go see David Jenkins has confirmed he's open and hoping for the likes of Amazon Prime, Apple, and Netflix to pick up OFMD for season 3 AND BEYOND??? Pls pls pls pls pls

  • Soberly Indulgent - A Virgin Mary Recipe

    I've always loved Bloody Mary's (Maries? Marys?) and I could never taste the rum, so why bother when it's a school or work night? We get to enjoy delicious spiciness, load it up with chicken tendies, and get up early refreshed. So many wins.
    This was added to my Spa Day page 🍅 🌶 🍗

  • Public Domain Icons & Pictograms

    A github repository of confirmed public domain icons and pictograms for any panels, programs, flyers, art, etc. I love their sources included National Park Service Map symbols - so smart!
    Added to my tools page under 'Searching Public Domain Content.'

  • New Art 🤣

    What did you achieve in your local makerspace today?!

  • Good Omens Fanfic

    lol here read this Good Omens fanfiction it's awesome. Season 2 spoilers.

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